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Dee-Dee is a 21 years old young lady, who was born on the 4th of July, under the zodiac sign of Cancer . She manifested her pasion for music from the early age of five and never gave up pursuing her dream.
“I love singing, it’s a great feeling when you have the opportunity to do what you love most!”
She began her singing career at an early age and she never stoped. After taking singing lessons and five years of piano classes, she participated at many singing contests in Romania where she won a lot of trophies. Her family was very supportive and encouraged her passion for music.
“I adore them, they are my heroes, my guarding angels, my fans, my support, my best friends, my family and I will be able to return them back all they’ve done for me only when I’ll say that I’m happy with myself and that I’m happy with what I’m doing. I love my dad so much because he is there for me no matter what. I had to travel a lot for all kinds of singing festivals and I was the only girl traveling with her father, all the other girls were traveling and attended by their moms but I was happy with dad by my side as he always knew how to make me feel, I was the luckiest one. ”
At the age of 17 she participated to “MEGASTAR”, a very successful TV show with talented boys and girls eager to become great singers who were chosen by a jury. She was one of the best contestants, participating in two of the three seasons. There she was spotted by the musician and music producer Radu Sirbu, member of the popular boys band O-zone, as she was standing as a lovely, ambitious and gifted young lady who wanted to make career.
After coming to Radu’s studio, he asked whether she wanted to collaborate with the famous girl DJ - DJ Layla and that’s how the whole craziness began. They started recording immediately and after a couple of months DJ Layla and Dee-Dee started touring and promoting the successful hit “Single Lady”. One of the most successful songs “Single Lady”, written by Radu Sirbu for Dj Layla’s project, was launched in December 2008 and quickly climbed to no.1 position on the biggest radio stations in Romania and Moldavia.
The song became a big success in many European countries. “Single Lady” gave a major lift to Dj Layla's international career. The single stayed in the Russian 100 Top Hit over 40 weeks and totalized over 570.000 plays on 120 radio stations from 556 Russian cities and became No. 1 on the biggest Russian radio - Europe Plus Moscow in only few weeks. The same happened on another big radio stations across Europe and CIS. In early 2010 "Single Lady" have won the category “Most Broadcasted Song - 2009” on Radio Romania Actualitati (RRA Awards).
Dee-Dee has traveled with DJ Layla in many countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and after almost a year in “Single Lady Tour” they have released 2 more official singles, one album and the “City of sleeping hearts” official video.
“It has a hell of a year! I had never expected such an adrenaline rush while watching the video with all our concerts, all of the fans and the cheering, it is amazing what we did in just one year. And this was possible only with the help of our team, so thank you guys! “
At the begining of 2009 Dee-Dee started working on her solo career and launched her first solo single “Big Girl”, a song full of energy. The second single "Mercedes" is ready to be released. The young artist is very excited about the new song and the new approach of her project.
“I’m so happy about my new single, it’s so… me! It’s a big thing when you have such a great team willing to materialize my concepts of being Dee-Dee. And it’s also a great opportunity to be myself, to express myself the way I feel and to share it with you… it’s so rewarding! ”